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RSVPs Are Required -- We Are Limited to ONLY 20 Dancers


Click the dance (in pink).

From the box that opens up, click the blue “Signup Button.”  (If on a mobile device, click the “Sign Up” link at the bottom of the box.)

Enter your name.  Email addresses are NOT required.  (And if you do use email addresses, they must be unique.  The same email address can’t be used twice.  If registering for a couple who share an email address, use the email address on the first registration and then you can skip adding it for the other name.)

Each individual DANCER must be registered separately.  This keeps the count correct.

Click Save.

To see who else has registered, click the event and look at the bottom of the page.  All registered individuals will appear there.

The deadline for signing up is 3PM on the day of the dance.

If you’ve RSVP’d but something has changed and you need to be removed, just drop me an email at

IF THERE ARE ALREADY 20 REGISTERED DANCERS, WE ARE FULL.  (We literally don’t have the space for more dancers.)

Virus Be Damned Dance Group

In May 2020 a group of us had enough of the pandemic.  We just wanted to dance.

Taking appropriate pandemic precautions and severely limiting our group size to a single square, we started meeting weekly at a member’s home.  They had a living room big enough to accommodate us. Because the host loves to cook, we all started showing up an hour early for one hell of a great meal.

Jason Raleigh‘s been our caller from the very beginning.  Jason’s been extremely loyal to us and we do our best to repay that loyalty.  When Jason’s been called away by his “real” job, we’ve had other callers fill in.  There has even been a couple of occasions where we’ve had Jason and another caller.

We eventually and frequently invited other individuals and enjoyed having two squares.

We understand not everyone is comfortable returning to dancing during the pandemic.  We encourage individuals to make selections that take into consideration their own health history and amount of risk they wish to incur.  If it’s the right thing for you, join us.  If it’s not the right time, we’ll wish you well and look forward to seeing you on the floor in the future.

Saturday Night VBD Dances

On Saturday nights we dance at Marcia and Terry Taylor’s home in Pataskala.  (You can find their address in the calendar at the bottom of this page.) 

We limit the number of dancers to 20 because there’s physically not enough room to have anyone else.

Single dancers are welcome.

On Saturday nights Marcia always whips up something delicious for dinner.  Most of the attendees will bring a side dish or dessert.  It’s encouraged to hand the Taylors some cash.  This offsets their food costs and  their labor in getting their home ready for a weekly dance.

Dinner starts @ 5.  Dancing is from 6 to 9.  We cover mainly Plus, but we’re not afraid of looking at calls and formations on the Advanced and Challenge list.  Don’t be intimidated.  We just like to have a great time and are keen on learning new things from time to time.

Admission is $10 per head.  Just hand the money right to the caller.  We’re just about as informal as you can be.

Wanna get text notifications about the Virus Be Damned Dances?

To join:

Text vbd to 614.412.4838

To leave:

Text leave vbd to 614.412.4838


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