SSD– Social Square Dancing

For those of you not familiar with SSD, now called Social Square Dancing, this is from CALLERLAB’s SSD frequently asked questions:

“We desperately need a way to ring in new dancers FASTER than we lose existing dancers . . .In 2020 COVID 19 shut  down square dancing completely . . . many existing dancers will never return.

” . . . The old methods bring in few, if any, new dancers. New dancers can begin square dancing just ONCE per year . . . it makes more than a year for for a new dancers to reach . . . club level. [This] combination of LIMITED product availability, HUGE commitment, and LONG training period makes it very difficult . . . to build up a nice-size group of dancers.”

“Square Dancing is a  LEISURE activity. A long training program is a . . . barrier which keeps new customers out . . . We need a program that today’s busy people can enjoy after a few WEEKS instead of a few YEARS of training.

This page is designed to centralize information about SSD.  Additionally, I’ll highlight information on what’s going on and where SSD is headed, locally, regionally, and in some cases, nationally.