Receive a text for urgent square dance event changes

Sometimes there is information you need right away. That’s why we offer a texting service. For immediate news, such as dance cancellations, weather updates that may affect an event, caller changes, or just about anything where email notifications would be too slow.

Joining is free . . . but be aware that you may be charged by your carrier for text messages.

There are two ways you can join the message notification lists:

Fill in your information in the input boxes to the right.


Text the word  join  to 614-412-4838.

No matter which way you subscribe, within a few seconds you will receive a text message welcoming you to the list.

At any time you may text  leave to 614-412-4838 to unsubscribe from the list.

Subscribe for SMS alerts

What if I Don't Text?

For our dancers who don’t have a texting plan, we can give you a call.

It’ll be a computer generated call with the same message sent to those with texting abilities.  To be added to that distribution list, we’ll need the information to the right, please.

Because there is a cost (to us) to send messages, you may NOT receive both a text and phone call.  It’s less expensive to send a text.  We’ll call you ONLY if you have no way to receive a text message.

Subscribe for phone alerts