Central Ohio Square Dance Calendar

Central Ohio Dance Calendar

(See the video below the calendar on how to use the calendar function to its fullest!)

Overview of how to use the calendar

Get an email notice about the dances you’re interested in!

It’s free, there is no advertising within the emails, and your information will NEVER be shared with anyone else! Here’s how

At the extreme top corner of the calendar is a blue “hamburger.” (A square with three horizontal white lines.)

Click the hamburger.

Choose preferences.

Chose daily agenda.

Enter your email address.

Choose the number of days of notifications. For example, if you pick 3 days, any time there’s an event in the next 3 days, you’ll receive a once-a-day notification about that dance.

Under “Sub Calendars,” you can elect to receive notifications from EVERY club / event you see listed above. OR you can choose “Selected Sub Calendars” and just choose the clubs / events you’re most interested in.

Click save once your selections are done.

Then, when it meets your criteria, the calendar will send you a reminder email about the dance / event.

How to Get The Calendar On Your Mobile Device.

Visit this page with your mobile device. Once there, grab the appropriate app for your device’s operating system. Select either Android or IOS from the buttons below.

Once you have the app on your device, from this page, click the button below that says “Copy to clipboard.” That will copy the calendar key code ksswr7a35trepvdsui to your device’s clipboard.

Now open the Teamup app. Paste the code on the line within the app that says “Enter calendar key here.” Press the continue button. You’ll see that the Central Ohio Dance Calendar” has been added under your Dashboard within the app. Click on it and it will open the calendar.

Below is a “how to” video demonstrating the steps above.